What We Do

We are shaping the future of cancer
treatment — helping to transform lives


Immunomedics is a highly focused, science-driven biopharmaceutical company. We are dedicated to discovering, developing, and delivering new and innovative therapies for cancer.

Our Values

Immunomedics is operating at the cutting edge of innovation in healthcare; we have an acute focus on boldly developing novel science and delivering breakthrough therapies for solid tumors and blood cancers. We are deeply committed to patients and their caregivers, to healthcare professionals, to investing in and elevating our colleagues, and to serving the communities where we operate.

We are guided by a set of core values that emphasize the fact that how we go about our work is just as important as the therapies we create. These values define how we interact on a daily basis.


Put patients at the heart of all we do and build trusting relationships with customers, caregivers, authorities and partners


Lead and make all decisions through science, data, and evidence


Deliver results and create sustainable value and innovation


Pursue the highest quality standards in our people, products, services, science, data and information

We Before Me

Embrace diversity, treat each other with respect and collaborate cross-functionally to achieve our collective goals



To boldly develop novel science that delivers breakthrough therapies for solid tumors and blood cancers, and to ensure broad access to these therapies around the world.


Create and deliver breakthrough cancer therapies