Clinical Studies

Clinical studies are a critical tool in our development process, but they also present unique opportunities for patients to gain access to cutting-edge treatments


About Clinical Studies

Clinical studies are conducted to determine the safety and effectiveness of medicines. Based on results of these studies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health authorities determine whether to approve the medicine for use in the broader population.

Individuals who participate in our clinical studies contribute to the innovation and scientific advancement of therapies in hard-to-treat cancers. The results from clinical studies give our researchers more information about the benefits and risks of the therapy tested in the trial.

Why Participate?

We recognize that participating in a clinical study is a personal decision and that our work would not be possible without study volunteers. People may choose to participate in clinical studies to help others by contributing to research and the advancement of science. For some people, clinical studies are a possibility to access new therapies before they are available to the wider public.

To learn more about our clinical studies of antibody-drug conjugates in triple-negative breast cancer, HR+/HER2- breast cancer, urothelial cancer, and other solid tumors, visit our clinical trials page.

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